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Coconaut Two Cans with Fruity Background
Coconaut Can and orange half on coloured background

Coconaut Available Exclusively at FodaBox Vending

About Coconaut

Inspired by the functional drink from Vietnam, Coconaut was created. As a natural isotonic drink, it is now enjoyed by consumers in over 5 countries to keep them refreshed and active throughout the day.​ Coconaut empowers and inspires people to do their best work. To unlock everyone's full potential we believe in collaboration and communication with our consumers, stakeholders, workforce and suppliers.

Available in 4 flavours

Coconaut is an isotonic drink with a stunning combination of properties: it refreshes, activates and regenerates all at the same time!

Find your favourite flavour.

100% Plant Based Icon Leaf
100% Natural
recycle icon
CO2 neutral icon
CO2 Neutral
Reduces Blood Sugar Icon Droplets
Not From Concentrate
Coconaut astronaut with watermelons and coconuts

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Coconaut Sustainability Statement

Our ambition is to be a sustainable company.

We place great emphasis on dealing appropriately with our product and packaging, and on reducing our carbon emissions and energy use in our production and supply wherever possible. Cans are 100% recyclable and the transport of cans costs less energy than the transport of plastic or glass bottles because of their shape. The transport of aluminium cans saves 40% space compared to glass bottles. We know that this is not enough and therefore strive to develop a more sustainable packaging in the future.