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Gym break 3 guys drinking water
Gym break 3 guys drinking water

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Find everything you need to stock your gym or fitness centre vending machine with food and drink to boost energy and maximise your sales.
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Ditch the Dull, Fuel the Fit: Why Choose Fodabox Vending

Gym members deserve better than stale snacks and sugary water. We get it. That's why Fodabox Vending is here to transform your machines into performance-boosting hubs with delicious, energizing snacks and drinks.


  • Happy members raving about protein bars, not yearning for bland bites.
  • Increased sales and loyalty thanks to curated treats that align with your brand.
  • Hassle-free ordering and reliable delivery, keeping your machines stocked with healthy wins.
  • Exciting flavours and independent brands that surprise and delight every taste bud.

Fodabox Vending is more than just snacks. It's a commitment to your members' well-being and a boost to your bottom line. Ditch the "what to put in" blues and order today to fuel your members' fitness journeys, one delicious bite at a time.

Hydration Station

Ditch the dull drip of bottled water! We offer hydration with a kick, stocking your machines with brands like Vieve Protein Water, packing protein for post-workout refuel. Need a tropical escape? Coconaut's coconut water keeps the island vibes flowing, while Glug!'s 100% fruit juices offer natural bursts of flavour that quench thirsty smiles. We've got drinks that fuel, refresh, and make every sip a celebration of hydration, not a boring obligation.

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